Monday, 5 January 2009

Literacies for Learning

This has been another hot topic in the twitterverse and blogosphere over the last year. The conversation has been wide-ranging and brought to light diverse and often contested views.

From the basics of: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Literacy has become literacies and a range of descriptors have been used, including: digital, information, media, new media, 21st century to identify a few. The notion of skills, competencies and fluencies have occasionally been referenced.

For this topic, I am looking back before moving forward to devise plans and goals for 2009.

These are some posts that have contributed to the conversation over the year:

Doug Belshaw on literacy using his digital literacy tag or his Ed.D. thesis references and more recently his post: The problem/s of 21st century literacy/ies.

Kim Cofino wrote: What is literacy?

John Connell wrote on visual literacy

Ben Grey wrote on his blog, The Edge of Tomorrow: 21st Century Confusion

Elizabeth Helfant wrote in her blog, Helcat Rants and Ramblings: Defining Emerging Literacies

Elizabeth Holmes on jog the web: What are 21st Century Skills?

Jenny Luca put together: Literacy for our age

Jo McLeay wrote: Blogging as a literacy practice.

Mike Romard wrote: Information Literacy for lower elementary students

Toni Twiss wrote in her Upwardly Mobile blog: Information Literacy

Edwin Wargo wrote on his blog, The Brute Thing: Literacy: Back to the Basics

Patrick Woessner contributed: 21st Century Information Literacy

The New Literacies

Principles for New Media Literacy

The 21st Century Information Fluency provides some interesting resources.

I am making this post a work in progress.

As a reference point: #literacyconversation

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