Monday, 5 January 2009

Where to for student and teaching blogging 2009? - Part 1

On Twitter in 2008, we experienced a feast of tweets about teacher, student, class, leader blogging. There were competitions, challenges and all manner of tips for current effective practice professional and student blogging.

Here is a selection of posts I identified through Twitter. Many of these edubloggers have multiple posts on blogging effective practice.

tasteach aka Sue Wyatt and Sue Waters initiated and sustained a brilliant global student blogging competition. Student friends on Bringing us Together blog. Planning is on for 2009.

Sue Waters also launched the Improving your Blogging with the 31 Day Project. She is looking to something in 2009 also.

In her latest post she references Steve Dembo's 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger.

educationau's Blogging Corner an edna group managed by Kerrie Smith and Alison Hall ran a successful blogging project in 2008 and has plans to launch the Blogging Corner Carnival in 2009. Check out the website and prepare for the adventure.

Anne Davis wrote: Rationale for educational blogging

David Warlick has contributed Why blog?

A case for using blogs in education

The langwitches blog of Sylvia Tolisano provided some very useful lesson plan guidelines for teachers on scaffolding student blog comments.

Tom Barrett wrote: Blog post instructions

For the new school year in NZ, in a web 2.0 tools for writers teacher training session, more ideas for successful blogging are provided.

Some benefits of blogging have been articulated in the following posts:

Paul Bogush wrote in his blog: How has writing for a world wide audience changed the way you write?

Jose Picardo has written in his excellent blog: How to start you own class or subject blog

Carla Arena has written Blogging away

The blogging cycle and a number of additional links to other relevant posts.

Blogging 101

Teacher blogs for a District approach.

Teacher Weblogs

Blogs by subject

Blogs and blogging- wiki lists

Stephen Downes wrote: Grading blogging

Blog grade rubric

Clay Burell wrote: Blogger training school for a student blogging license. A silver bullet?

Maggie Giev has prepared the SlideShare presentation. Blogging for teaching and Learning

Graham Wegner wrote Reviewing our 2008 student blogs

Anne Mirtschin wrote about the problems and potential of Live Blogging in Education

The business world is also very interested in the value of blogging to the bottom line.

Business- 10 reasons to find a blog buddy and The Psychology of Blogging

Let's hear it for the blog - an interview with Tom Peters and Seth Godin provides a business perspective to blogging.

The 48 Laws of Power Applied to blogging and Blogging is like going to the gym ... for your brain

Learning from Great Blog Conversationalists

25 tips to make a blog work

These are just a sampling of posts. Let me know of the great ones I have missed in a comment.

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