Saturday, 3 January 2009

Looking back to move forward with a plan into 2009.

The twitterverse and blogosphere have been awash with reflective posts on achievements 2008 and forward planning and goal-setting for 2009. Here are some links that will help us keep track of what some of the guru-types are thinking.

Looking back or both ways:
The Learning Circuits Blog: What did you learn about in 2008?
My Journey with Digital Pedagogy Blog: My personal review on 2008
Kim Cofino wrote on her Always learning blog: Making and Impact
Darcy Moore's post: Best of 2008
Karl Kapp in his blog Kapp Notes, answers the ASTD Big Question for January: 2009 Predictions, Remembrances and Challenges.
Read all the Big question for January posts on the Learning Circuits blog.

Some identified their top tools for 2008:
Top Ten Tools

Looking forward:
The Learning Circuits Blog: What are your Challenges, Plans and Predictions for 2009
Tony Searl 2009
Tony Searl also posted one view 2020 earlier in the year.

What those who like to spot the TRENDS:
Trends Shaping Education
Trend Blend

There are stacks of others who have been looking back to look forward with trends, predictions and plans that reach schools, classrooms and students in 2009 and beyond.

Have those mentioned here missed anything of great significance to learning?

I'll get my forward to 2009 goals up as soon as.

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