Sunday, 11 January 2009

New Classmate PC all about “ecosystem” | Education IT |

New Classmate PC all about “ecosystem” | Education IT |

Christopher Dawson writes:
"We’ve known for a while that Intel was working a touch-enabled reference design for their new Classmate PCs. It wasn’t until I had an opportunity this week to speak with some of the folks working on the project at Intel that I realized just how far this product had come.

Launched today at CES, the “Convertible Classmate PC” seems remarkably close to what tablet PCs really should be for education. Tablets always seemed like a great idea for students, but they never took off, largely because of their high cost, limited availability, and limited durability. The convertible Classmate addresses all of these concerns;"

The time of the 1:1, netbook education era has come. Much more on this over the coming months. I am planning to use this a first post of a series on laptop, 1:1, nettbook learning posts.

It is an up and coming topic.

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