Friday, 16 January 2009

Why I love these techy mornings

Still on holidays and I am thrilled to be able to take a slow sift and sort through my social online learning tools looking for gems.

I flicked back through 7 hours of Twitter to get the gist of the latest global learning2.0. Favourited the usual 20 or so. I am liking the follows I have in enterprise and social media2.0. Many of these twitterati provide information, links and insights into concepts that are just as relevant to learning in educational settings.

Next, I do some of my email and just save the several google alerts for later, since they often take time to look at and explore. From these each day, I can uncover up to ten sites, articles etc that are new to me and that I save to delicious, share on google or tweet to the 'verse.

Finally, I check my google reader, up to 500 each morning. Today, I starred about 30 to come back to and read or view. This is how I find relevant decks to put into my groups on SlideShare.

This is the start of the day's social learning. I monitor, favourite and tweet some new stuff on Twitter all day, just because I can.

Lately, I have downloaded so many files, reports, articles that my desktop needs a clean up every couple of days. Lots of valuable work out there to mull over.

I am also drafting 3 posts on Blogger and have 3 slideshows on the boil.

I post through the widget on my igoogle page making it so easy!

I thrive on these connections that make the infoglut manageable.

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