Friday, 9 January 2009

Literacies for Learning - Part 2

This is a very roughly cobbled together post to follow my previous compilation post.

Written by Tim, on SansBlogue: Participatory Pedagogy and Cultural Literacy

What are the New Media Literacies
Read the blog, download papers, watch the video.

Visual literacy activity on John Hendron's TechTimes Blog.

Jamie Madson blog belonging to Rockford Middle School absolute focus on digital literacy skill development.

Liz Kolb has written: 21st Century Skills are Educators and Executives aligned

Karl Fisch of the Fischbowl blog wrote Shifting toward new literacy in which he references a Will Richardson post.

Darren Draper wrote Edublogger Etiquette a useful post that gives insights as suggested.

The Great Literacy Debate written by Ryan Bretag references many of the most prominent posts in this global discussion.

New post from Doug Belshaw, referencing the writing of Gunther Kress on literacy:

Dan Willingham writes Teaching Content is Teaching Reading.

This conversation is still evolving in the twitterverse and blogosphere.

Following those referred to my two posts will link you into some current important players in the debate.

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