Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Blissful Techy Start to my Day

It has been about a year since I gave this title to a post. If the truth were known, I start almost every day with tech catch-up. Ok, so I am boring, I need a life ... not.

I am on holidays, so if I choose I can spend hours and hours in between food, outings, visits etc.

On work days, it is just before and after. Whatever the timing, the process is almost the same. For the record, this is a general outline of how I keep up.

Today, for the first time in ages, I went backwards on Twitter to catch-up with tweets from the other side of the world. It took me about ten minutes to do three hours.
I learnt about snow-days, world events, new posts, great websites, school news and so on.
What else:
I starred about 20 tweets to come back to.
I found three new educators to follow.
I recommended someone for a Shorty Award
I checked my google reader and favourited about 5 out of over 400
I did my email about 20, including google alerts and blog updates.
I check out any new Twitter follows I have, to see if I will follow them, block them or just have them follow me.
Occasionally, I will check what's doing with my family on Facebook.

That's about it.
Having done that sifting and sorting, I go back and update Twitter, start to check starred items throughout the day, with occasional repeats of the others.

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