Friday, 1 January 2010

Moving Forward after Looking Back in Reflection 2007-2009

At the end of July 2007, I wrote my first blog post ever.

It was all of three lines. I had only a few months earlier begun to take notice of blogs and wikis and this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In September 2007, a couple of months later, I wrote: Reflecting and evaluating web 2.0 learning journey. In this post, I reflected on my web2.0 learning journey and my preliminary thoughts on the value of these tools to teaching. The possibilities seemed endless and exciting.

At the end of October 2007, I took stock again with a post: Reflections on Practice. Where to now? Why? This was an important post in my learning development.

I wrote: "I have just reread the 7 entries I have posted since I set up this blog in July 2007. I am proud of what I have learnt and pleased that I have had the opportunity to dedicate time to this in depth exploration of web 2.0 social networking and learning tools and their application to student and teacher learning."

In the middle of December 2007, I wrote: Not MIA, just busy on other web 2.0 projects.

On January 3 2009, I wrote this post: Looking back to move forward with a plan into 2009.
This was quite a long post beginning with a look at the reflections, resolutions and predictions of people whom I follow. I wrote:
"The twitterverse and blogosphere have been awash with reflective posts on achievements 2008 and forward planning and goal-setting for 2009. Here are some links that will help us keep track of what some of the guru-types are thinking."

On January 8 2009, I wrote this post: Forward to 2009-Professionally Speaking.
As far as my three goals went, only the more frequent blog post goal was achieved. The other two, I could roll into 2010...

Most of my posts in 2009, related to better blogging, using wikis, DERNSW, using google tools and identifying sites of use to teachers.

On December 20 2009, I wrote a round-up post: Just One Post Left in the Pipeline-Forward to 2010

I was pleased that I had finally completed some draft posts. I love the draft feature, but it does make it easy to delay finalising posts and missing timely publication.

Sometimes, over the last 2 years it has been difficult to post regularly. The BlogThis feature on my toolbar is a great tool for collecting people's thoughts and ideas for some personal commentary.

Since July 2007, I have produced 198 posts and each is significant to my thinking about learning and teaching.

In 2010, I plan to write more on:
  • DERNSW laptop successes
  • using google search and key tools effectively
  • professional learning a professional responsibility

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