Saturday, 23 January 2010

October 2008 - Brave New Classroom 2.0 | Britannica Blog

Brave New Classroom 2.0 (New Blog Forum) | Britannica Blog:

This post begins with:
"Students at every level, from grade school to grad school, face dramatic changes in the institutions they attend thanks to new digital technologies. PCs, the Internet, whiteboards, presentation software, and other high-tech devices, once considered educational aides for the library, the media lab, and the home, are increasingly a central part of the classroom curriculum itself, with results that have yet to be fully understood."

The authors pose this question: Do the new classroom technologies represent an educational breakthrough, a threat to teaching itself, or something in between?

My thoughts:
This forum post interested me, since it was in "digital time" quite a while ago. There, I've said it.

I get up each day and I toss up if I will tweet a link I have found in an enews email or google alert, just that morning, for fear it is already "old news".

The pace and spread of global news is phenomenal if you are an "always-on networker"

Still, this post is still very relevant to bring the "late majority" up to speed with some of the key concepts whose time has finally come ...

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