Sunday, 31 January 2010

Brain-waves: What's the Latest Thinking? (1)

I set up a new google alert during January to capture the latest on "brain learning". Every day, sure enough, someone has written something new on our wonderful brains.

It may be well-researched, it might be a nice theory. I am wanting to collate these posts and learn all I can about:
  • brain development
  • early learning
  • keeping our brain healthy
and any other related topic that any brilliant thinking comes up with.

Magnesium adds muscle to brain performance.
Strengthen your memory by taking a break
Why brainy is suddenly chic
Born to learn
An idle brain may be ripe for learning
Exercise, Brain Stimulation and Writing on the Move
An article on fish oil being good for our brains and happiness.
Taking It Literally: Testing How the Body Processes Information

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