Monday, 4 January 2010

Laptops all go: 1:1 Learning Initiatives across the World (3)

If you just start searching for research and general information about laptop, netbook, notebook etc programs, there is no shortage of links.

What is in short supply is recent research, by that I mean from 2008 onwards and studies that are longitudinal.

I have selected 2008, because by this date just taking Australia, laptops had become:
  • more affordable, powerful, portable and
  • wireless connections had become more reliable
  • internet access more reliable and faster
these factors just for a start.

From the Edmonton Journal: High-speed networking changes how we learn our ABCs

Various Microsoft laptop and associated technology programs in Canada are linked here.

This blog would seem to be a must follow for leadership on this 1:1 topic.

Interesting work on OLPC by Mark Warschauer: OLPC: How not to run a Laptop Program.

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