Friday, 1 January 2010

Twitter is Awash with Personal Reflections, Resolutions and Predictions

Many social media types are approaching the promise of learning in the New Year with enthusiasm. The more twitterati reflect, the more I'll add.

Doug Johnson provides some personal and professional. I like the term "oughts-decade".

@djainslie has a post with a PLN survey. With this retweet, I found someone new to follow.

@ian_gs has a look back on 2009 with links to his most popular posts.

@timbuckteeth has a post "Noughties ... but nice" in which he overviews some of the "personal technological innovations" that emerged in the decade.

@olliebray writes this post on his blog with links to: Education hopes for 2010 at TESS Scotland

@ozge has written: How to survive in 2010 - digitally.

@mrmitchell has written Predictions for 2010 and Reflections on 2009

Stephen W Anderson @web20classroom reports that this was his most popular post in 2009. It is certainly worth some reflection. "You Want Me To Use This In My Classroom? What's The Point?"

@nashworld tweeted about his building principal's @JeanetteWstfall first-semester reflection and reverie.

The technology predictions of ReadWriteWeb @rww are always worth a read.

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  1. Thanks for including me in your post and a link to my PLN research survey. I have 82 responses so far and will be gathering them until 1/8/10.
    You created a nice list of reflective posts here-