Thursday, 7 January 2010

Interactive Whiteboards - Time for Reflection and Discussion

Interactive Whiteboards and the Future of Educational Technology - Synthesizing Education Blog:

@Aaron_Eyler wrote:

"After participating in my first #edchat, I have spent some serious time reflecting on the difference between how others feel about Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) vs. my own personal opinion. My opinion on IWBs is that they are useless when considering interactivity simply because the only individual interacting with the device is the one using it. Rather than dwell exclusively on “why” my opinion is different, I feel as though the discrepancy should be analyzed to understand the deeper root of the problem."

My thoughts:
This is a thread that has encouraged a lot of comment and 18 RTs at the time of reading this post. A discussion about IWBs is topical for NSW considering the Connected Classroom investment. This will be another program where ROI will be keenly monitored.

Other views:

Whiteboards impact on teaching seen as uneven by Kathleen Kennedy Manzo.

I have been following two hashtag searches to keep up with this IWB tweetathon:
#edchat and #edtech

This is a Work in Progress and I will return to add articles that the arguments.

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