Monday, 11 January 2010

Children born after 2005. What digital technologies define their lifestyles?

The Children of Cyberspace: Old Fogies by Their 20s -

This article begins with:
"My 2-year-old daughter surprised me recently with two words: “Daddy’s book.” She was holding my Kindle electronic reader.

Here is a child only beginning to talk, revealing that the seeds of the next generation gap have already been planted. She has identified the Kindle as a substitute for words printed on physical pages. I own the device and am still not completely sold on the idea."

Another post referencing this article found via @ypulse
The Julia Allison Effect: Is Social Media Stunting Today's Youth

About teens, The teens who can barely talk - they only have an 800 word vocabulary

My comments:
I printed this article, just to read it at my leisure. Not very green, I know. Action of a bygone, recklessly indulgent, old-fashioned era ...maybe!

I have 6 grandchildren, with 3 born after 2005. I picked that date just to match with the sentiments and timeline of the article. Our children are all GenZ.

Concepts to explore: mass customisation, capacity to effectively use for learning, broadcast me >

... now to a bit more thinking about this topic before I go on ...

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