Friday, 8 January 2010

Creating a Class Blog- Identifying Current Effective Practice (1)

One of the best models around is the Edublogger experience, start here:

Week 1 – Create A Class Blog | The Edublogger:

@suewaters has begun to write support and how-to posts for the latest "Student Blogging Challenge". Her blog, posts and in fact anything that Sue puts her mind to are must-reads for educators.

"The next Student Blogging Challenge starts in March and this time we’ve decided there are tasks that need to be done BEFORE your class actually takes part in the challenge.
So each week for the next six weeks we will give you a new task, with how-to info, to help you with your class blogging.
This week’s task is to create a class blog"

The week 2 task is to set up blogging rules and guidelines.
My comments:
I particularly like the "Blogging Cycle" graphic that she has created. This graphic makes explicit the key elements of the blogging process. It is a useful beginning and has started me thinking about ways to connect this Cycle to literacy and subject-related outcomes in a more explicit way for bloggers in NSW public schools.

This elaboration is a Work in Progress.

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