Monday, 25 January 2010

Musings on the teaching of spelling

Musings on the teaching of spelling �:

@henriettami put this post together:

"I was really interested to read a blog post by The Principal last week where among other things he questioned whether spelling should be taught anymore. If you have yet to read this I suggest you do so, as it raises many interesting points. While I believe that his aim was to encourage discourse on the subject, many people commented and these too, make for interesting reading.

The Principal would argue that teaching spelling is a waste of our valuable time. I beg to differ."

This post and report is also of interest. Is texting valuable or vandalism.

My thoughts:
I am with Henrietta 100%. In primary school, the systematic and explicit teaching of spelling is a key component of effective literacy teaching.

This systematic and explicit approach must be continued into high school and be a core responsibility of every subject teacher with vocabulary specific to the learning in the subject.

In NSW, this is a syllabus and Department of Education requirement.

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