Sunday, 31 January 2010

Your Kids Know More Than You!!! - Synthesizing Education Blog

Your Kids Know More Than You!!! - Synthesizing Education Blog:

The points Aaron Eyler makes in this post have interested me for a while and I have a few thoughts of my own.

"I presented at a conference today on educational technology and had a ball doing it. I love talking with people about education and educational technology. I also love being provocative and providing others with interesting ways to conceptualize revolutions and ideas in education, which is why I am going to provide you with some information I shared with the attendees today: your kids know more than you."

My comments:
First point, would be to ask: in response to the statement "your kids know more than you" - about what?

If it is about the latest "tech tool, gadget, widget or mobile phone ... well maybe and maybe not. If the response is maybe, then I say so what...

As a high school languages teacher, I am happy to be and needed to be the "sage on the stage" most if not all the time. I am not going to teach very effectively if I am not a content specialist.

I am a fan of direct, explicit instruction, coupled with inquiry and exploration as the basis for independent practice of what our students need to "learn about and learn to (do)" in each subject area.

Maybe I am out of step ...

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