Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Future of PCs: Vision of the OLPC Version 3

How the OLPC Version 3 Predicts the Future of PCs | Technomix | Fast Company:

The author, Kit Eaton writes:

"One can easily argue that Nicholas Negroponte's OLPC XO computer predicted the entire netbook phenomenon. Now the company's revealed its vision for the OLPC XO3 in 2012--Is it similarly visionary? You betcha.

Designed by Yves Behar, the XO3 is a totally different 21st-Century beast compared to the classic notebook design of the original XO: It's a super-skinny plastic tablet/slate PC. Suited for its intended use out of the normal comfort zone for PCs, the screen is actually plastic, so it's resilient and slightly flexible. It's also a multitouch device, laden with sensors so it can transform into book-reading or Web-surfing mode."

See also: the fuseproject blog post and the Forbes article "The $75 Future Computer".

My thoughts:

There was lot of conversation and debate about laptops, netbooks and similar handhelds in 2009. Frequently this was in the context of school-based 1:1 laptop programs.

The arrival of this device - tablet, slate or having another nifty name will initiate another level of possibilities regarding the personalisation of learning.

I look forward to these developments in 2010. Interested eyes will also be on the release of further Apple "i" devices.

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