Friday, 22 January 2010

A Peek Inside my Online Toolset by Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers Educational Services: A Peek Inside my Toolkit - Online Tool Set:

@angelamaiers writes:

"I have two tool sets in my traveling, teaching and learning toolkit. An online set of tools, and an offline set of tools. I find these indispensable in my learning life and the trade of teaching.

In this post, I'd like to open up my online toolset ... "

My thoughts:

This is an interesting post and an issue that I reflect on often myself. I have accumulated an online toolset in my social media professional learning journey. This toolset now is much more sustainable than it was in the heady-days where I signed up for almost everything that came along.

I have written about this previously, I only have time to effectively utilise the features of a toolset that is a mini-version of what I started with.

These tools are: Twitter, delicious, Blogger, google reader, google alerts, SlideShare and regular email.

This is a sustainable and enjoyable toolset for my ongoing, online learning.

I also enjoyed that Angela has included links to the toolsets of other thoughtful bloggers.

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