Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Social Media Learning - Professional Learning Resolutions 2010

To ensure that my professional learning is sustainable and in line with my beliefs, I will:
  • not sign-up for any more gadgets, widgets, killer-apps or whiz-bang online tools.
  • remind myself and colleagues that online tools and applications can become obsolete, be sold, change format and functionality, stop being free and so on ... our teaching role does not disappear, just because one resource does
  • encourage colleagues to not use the phrase "integrate technology/ICT ..."
  • tweet any "best of .. lists" except for Larry Ferlazzo, if I do they will be about learning and not apps.
  • avoid using the term 21st century skills
  • resist worrying that I don't have or want to have an iphone, kindle, or any of the latest and greatest Apple products. I am happy with my Mac.
Finally, this post caught my eye: Education Technology is Not About Gadgetry

Now finalised for January 2010. This may be a worthwhile type of post for each month as new commitments arise.

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